Computer Storage Devices That Fit Your Needs

There is nothing new about the idea of computer storage devices. They have been around a long time. Some didn’t last very long at all. The idea behind computer storage devices is based on a simple truth: machines break. Computers crash, hackers destroy, and viruses wipe out hard drives. No matter how advanced our technology gets, this truth has remained pretty constant. In an effort to help assist people with this simple truth, companies introduce new ways to help us save our data. Computer storage devices take on many forms and today, you may recognize them as the external hard drive, online storage companies, or even the USB drive.

What’s The Difference?

The difference between the three mentioned computer storage devices is really based on the use you need. Computer storage devices are definitely a smart and wise investment, no matter what anyone tells you, but everyone has different needs.

USB Drive

The USB drive is one of the simpler forms of computer storage devices. Made for smaller amounts of data, a USB drive can be a great portable solution if you need to manually transfer files or want to have a physical back up of that important document you’ve be working on. They can also be a cheap solution as well. USB drives usually price around $20, so if you are looking for a really cheap solution from your computer storage devices, then a USB drive can probably help you with some basic needs.

External Hard Drive

The external hard drive is bit more expensive, averaging around $100. It also contains enough memory to store all the data on your computer. These computer storage devices are great for people who realize the importance of backing up their files and want to make sure they have enough memory to store things like music, pictures, and other large forms of data. People also like that with external drives they can add a lot of security features, such as data encryption, when they purchase the drive.

Online Storage

The other form of computer storage is online storage. If you have a tight budget but you really have a lot of data to back up, online storage can be a great way to go. It costs around $5 a month to set up a membership with an online storage company, and you can upload all of the files on your computer. It can also process reoccurring uploads so that you never have to worry about your data back-up being current.

Will I Have to Keep Upgrading?

Like any form of technology, things are bound to lose their appeal or convenience. Investing in something like a USB drive wont set you back that far and you will still have a piece of technology that works on almost everything. The external hard drive works using USB plug-ins, so you won’t run into compatibility issues. You will want to change out your external hard drive ever 5 years or so in the interest of staying up to date and making sure you don’t overuse the lifespan. Finally, online storage won’t have any compatibility issues since it’s stored off-site with a company and they will take care of transferring your data to new technology when it’s needed.

Are They Safe?

Computer storage devices are very safe, but of course they come with the same precautions as any other technology. A USB drive can be lost due to size, and an external drive can be just as easily stolen as a computer or destroyed in a fire. Online storage is very safe, but like any company it could always be victim to a breach, but it is very unlikely. In the end, the benefit of having back-up far outweighs any possible risk.